Unlocking Savings – Insider Tips for Finding Exclusive Pet Supply Coupons

Manufacturers’ websites are a treasure trove of coupons and promotional offers. Some even have special promotions for specific products.

You can also sign up for the pet supplies store rewards program, which gives you coupons. You can also use these coupons on sale items.

In-Store Strategies

Shopping at a local store is a great way to increase your chances of getting pet supplies coupons. These stores will often offer coupons for their brand of products and will also sell other pet food brands. They will also offer a variety of other pet-related items, such as dog toys and grooming tools.

Aside from offering discounts, pet retailers can build loyalty by establishing themselves as experts in the niche. They can provide a unique user experience reflecting their industry knowledge.

Other strategies include marketing their business through social media and offline events. Obtaining funding is another critical step for any small business. Self-funding, taking out a business loan, or securing investors are standard options for pet store owners.

Store Circulars

Many pet retailers are upping their online game as the world tries to return to some semblance of normal. One way is to offer free same-day delivery, saving you much money on pet supplies.

Members must present the alphanumeric coupon code or scannable barcode, like the Chewy.com promo code, to a store team member at checkout to redeem. The coupon must be applied, and the member must forfeit unused portions.

In addition to special promotional pricing, members can also earn rewards for product purchases and services. For example, they can get a gift for their pet’s birthday or adoption day.

Manufacturers’ Websites

If you want pet supplies for your animals at a discounted rate, check out the manufacturer’s websites. Usually, these sites offer food, toys, and grooming services discounts. Some manufacturers even offer auto-delivery services for their customers so that they can save on shipping costs.

Another great way to save is by signing up for rewards. This program offers exclusive coupons and access to sales prices every month. 

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to stay updated on all the latest sales, promotions, and deals. It also has partnerships with several bank brands, which offer unique rewards and discounts.

Pet supplies are typically cheaper online; some stores even offer same-day delivery. Depending on your location, sign up for loyalty programs to take advantage of seasonal member promotions.

Another great way to save on pet supplies is to check out the clearance section. Their clearance sales often feature high-quality products that are significantly reduced in price.

Store Loyalty Programs

The pandemic has brought shoppers to pet stores looking for a bargain. Some retailers have increased their loyalty program offerings to encourage repeat business. These programs can effectively generate data on shopping habits that help with marketing campaigns, product development, and inventory management.

The rewards these programs offer can be as simple as a free food bag or as elaborate as a birthday surprise for your pet. These gifts aren’t a significant investment but create an emotional connection with customers and build brand loyalty.

Local Newspapers

Local newspapers have long been a part of our daily lives. Their morning, afternoon, or evening editions connect us to our hometowns and inform us of issues affecting our communities. Local newspaper advertising is an important revenue source for small business owners who must reach customers.

Yet many local papers struggle to make ends meet. They’re at risk of extinction, and residents in communities without local news are left in the dark. 


Caring for pets can be expensive, and many money-saving ways exist. From dog food coupons to buying in bulk, wise pet parents can get discounts and save big.

Pet supply retailers offer first auto-ship discounts that are often quite generous. These discounts can save money on pet supplies and medicines.

In-Store Coupon Dispensers

In-store coupon dispensers are another great way to save money on your dog food. These machines can be found throughout the store, especially near the pet food aisle and checkout counters. The dispensers contain coupons for various products, including dog food, which can be used online and in-store.

Customers can also use the auto-ship program to save up to 35% on their first order and a 5% discount on every repeat delivery. 

Members can redeem their accrued points for a coupon (alphanumeric code or scannable barcode) at checkout online or in-store. The coupon must be presented to a store team member before the purchase is completed.

Store Apps

Many online pet stores now have apps that offer loyalty rewards and exclusive coupon codes. These apps make it easy to order food and supplies from home, on-the-go or even in the car.

Smaller or more niche pet stores may still need their app, but they may still advertise special sales and major holiday deals via email newsletters. Pet stores typically send coupons for 20 to 25% off single items.

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