Water Temperature Control Systems: Why should you care about it

You head to the kitchen sink to wash your hands as dinnertime approaches. As you clean yourself and suds up, the water gets pleasant and warm. You quickly go back to the sink with your cup to fill it with ice water. Ever THOUGHT about HOW those faucet handles can alter the temperature of the spigot’s water?

Undoubtedly your home would have a lot of faucets if you noticed them. Begin with the kitchen faucet. Your bathroom would have at least 3 to 4 faucets. Most of the homes have standard faucets one in the shower or bathtub and one in the kitchen.

However, not all faucets are crafted with the same purpose. One handle may be for cold water and the other for hot water in some. You will find some faucets have a single handle that you hit continuously to raise the temperature of the water.

Water immediately rushes out of a faucet when you hit it. This happens because of the reason that water is always flowing through your home’s plumbing system and it remains under intense strain. According to experts, the most contemporary house plumbing systems should sustain an average water pressure of 40 to 80 pounds per square inch. 

When an angle cock of a tap is off, the handles have been pivoted to the point where a stopper has shut off the flow of water. When you turn the faucet on, the stopper will be opened to let the water flow out of the spigot. This does not depend upon the type of handle you have or how long you have turned it on, still, water will not stop coming out anyway. The faucet handles themselves, though, don’t regulate the water temperature. One cold and one hot faucet are refilled with water from two different water lines. The hot water comes from the water heater. This water heater can control water temperature.

Which one should you consider for the best water temperature control system:

Thermostatic technology is used by sophisticated temperature control systems to maintain a constant and secure water temperature. With a single, simple lever movement, single-lever concealed diverters effortlessly transfer water between various outlets, such as overhead rain showers, hand showers, or body jets, in this arrangement. Users can easily change between several water delivery methods while retaining their preferred temperature. Additionally, these systems frequently have memory features that let users remember their favorite settings for later use.

Overall, the incorporation of single-lever concealed diverters into sophisticated temperature control systems improves user comfort by lowering the possibility of temperature fluctuations, streamlining operation, and providing a personalized, spa-like shower or bathing experience that is efficient and relaxing.

Final Words

In conclusion, the simple act of turning on a faucet to adjust water temperature relies on the complex plumbing systems at work in our homes. Single-lever concealed diverters, with their thermostatic capabilities and versatility in managing various water openings have revolutionized the way we experience showers and baths.

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